General Information

Employment Bureau

The Polytechnic has an employment cell which maintains close liaison with industries, business and trade houses and also other organizations for suitable placement of students completing various courses. The role of the cell is to inform the potential employer about the training programme, arranging campus interviews and maintain a file of job opportunities for students’ reference.

Identity Cards

After admission, students will be given identity cards which they should keep in their possession and produce whenever required for their privileges, concessions etc. The cards are to be renewed in each term and should be returned after the complete of the course of leaving the Polytechnic.


The Polytechnic is proud to have an adequate collection of books. It caters to more than 10 different vocations. Any student wishing to take advantage of the library, would be issued maximum of two books for a period of not exceeding one week. To make the collection further rich the Polytechnic endeavors to add new books periodically.

Notice Board

It is compulsory for students to read the Notice Board regularly for any announcement made by the Polytechnic from time to time.

Change, Alteration and Closure of Course

If any student wishes to change the course, she can do so within one month of the commencement of the classes and with the prior permission of the Manager. The grant of permission would be subjected to availability of seats. The Managing Committee of the Polytechnic reserves the right in its absolute discretions to change the syllabus, the timings of the Polytechnic or closure of a particular course if sufficient number of students are not enrolled. The students affected will be given an option to change to another course or to withdraw the admission.

Loss or Damage of Personal Property

All property (which includes clothing) brought to and left in any part of the Polytechnic premises shall remain throughout at the sole risk of the owner of the said property and the Polytechnic does not undertake or accept and responsibility whatsoever for the safe keeping of such property or for the loss or damage to it.

Work Material

The stationery and other material for the theory and practical work has to be brought by the students. However, in order to help the students, the institute may sell the required material in the Polytechnic. The Polytechnic reserves the right to retain the students work of Art of their thesis for exhibition or for some such reasons. Students are required to get their own materials for the practical examinations.

Rules and Regulations

All students shall regularly attend lectures and practical throughout the sessions beginning with the first day of instruction. Each student should have minimum 80% attendance in each subject separately 20% allowance in shortfall of attendance is for unexpected or unforeseen circumstances. It is the responsibility of the individual students to be aware of their attendance record. The Polytechnic is not bound to inform.


Polytechnic gives top importance to discipline. The students are required to not the following in particular.

  1. In all cases prior permission for leave should be secured except in case of illness where past fact to approval could be given on production of a Medical Certificate.
  2. Regular attendance and punctuality shall be observed.
  3. If any student is found damaging the institute ’ s property or misbehaving with the staff or with any other student she shall be dismissed from the institute with immediate effect and the entire fee will be forfeited. No Certificate or Diploma will be awarded to such students.
  4. Students can use the Polytechnic ’ s telephone only during the break in case of an emergency. No outstation calls would be entertained except in case of an emergency but instead, the message can be taken.
  5. Use of Mobile Phones in class in not permitted in the polytechnic.

Timings of the Polytechnic

For all the courses: 9.00am to 6.00pm
Administration office timings: 10.00am to 5.30pm
Parents and staff meeting: 12.30pm to 1.00pm

Compartmental Examination

All compartment candidates will be eligible to appear in the supplementary examination to be held later after declaration of the results. The students will be required to pay the re-examination fee(the exact date and amount would be specified each year).


Results of the successful candidates will be exhibited on the polytechnic ’ s Notice Board with in three weeks of the finishing of the final examination. Candidates securing 60% or above marks will be placed in the 1st Division and between 50-59% in 2nd Division. Pass percentage shall be 40%. Those obtaining 75% and above marks in total or in any subject will be entitled to special Distinction / Citation on the Diploma / Certificates would be suitably rewarded.

Provisional Certificate / Diploma

Provisional Certificate together with mark-sheet will be issued to the successful candidates within a months after declaration of the results. The polytechnic may organize special convocation function to issue Diploma / Certificates and all the successful candidates will be informed in this regard well in time.

Meeting a Student

No Guardian or parent can see a student directly in the classroom. Such request would be attended by Reception.

Development of Entrepreneurship

In order to develop entrepreneurship among the successful candidates to assist them in setting up their business establishments, the Polytechnic would provide all the necessary assistance in terms of developments of contacts, canvassing and personal guidance.

Extra Curricular Activities

Extra curricular activities like picnics, excursions, celebrations and Annual Day would be organized by the institute. Students who excel in the various competitions will be awarded prizes.

Provisional Certificate / Diploma

Fee of the courses vary according to the type of course, the mode of study and duration of the course, full details are available with the counselors. Fee is payable in Cash / Cheque / Demand Draft in full in favor of “ INTERNATIONAL WOMEN POLYTECHNIC ” payable at New Delhi, at the beginning of the course or on an approved Installment Plan. Students who are sponsored will be asked to provide written evidence of this so that we can invoice their sponsors directly. Students paying their own fee will be expected to make satisfactory arrangements in time and those whose fee payments are in arrears will not be permitted to continue with their courses.

Polytechnic dues must be paid by the prescribed dates. Defaulters will have to pay a commercial up till 10 days, from the prescribed date thereafter the name will be stuck off the rolls of the Polytechnic. Are admission fee of Rs. 950/- will be charged from the students who want to join after the 10 days grace period.